The heartbeat of White Oak Springs Baptist Church is MISSIONS. We have an overwhelming burden to reach the entire world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Below is a list of missions that we support monthly!

*Fulton, Rich: Rock of Ages Ministries

*Moore, Duane: Preachin' Time Ministries

*Ware, Harvey: South Dakota

*White, Shelia: Church helps

Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission

Calvary Children's Home

Mercy Mountain Girl's Home and Academy


Rock of Ages Prison Ministry Office

Titus Partner Program

Word Christian Broadcasting

Biddy, Jeb: Mexico

Burnette, John: Harvest International Prison Ministry

Coker, Van: Anchor of Hope Ministries

Creamer, Shawn: Cuba/Puerto Rico

Crisp, Gary: Preachin' Time Ministries

Cummings, Chuck: Rock of Ages Prison Ministries

Drake, Don: Military overseas

Ellison, Gary: Hispanics in USA and Mexico

Fried, Daniel: Jewish People

Goins, Bill: Printing ministry

Harvey, Lori: Mercy Mountain Girl's Home and Academy

Kenney, Jeremy: Ghana West Africa

Kuipers, Sandy: Canada

Lewis, Andrew: Israel

Moore, Bill: Preachin' Time Ministries

Mullins, Roger: Helps, Craftsmen for Christ

Noles, Kevin: Uganda East Africa

Norton, Daniel: Slovenia

Pickens, Walt: Jails & Prisons

Pike, Randy: Retired

Raddish, Frank: Washington, DC

Ritchie, Jason: Mongolia, Asia

Sasser, John: Jewish People

Shumaker, Keith: Burkina Faso, Africa

Smith, David: Brazil

Smith, Howard: Rock of Ages Ministries

Smith, Richard G.: Middle East

Stevens, J.C.: Kentucky

Tooley, Roger: England

Trask, Gene: Honduras

Our church also supports 2 missionaries in Restricted Nations

* indicates White Oak Springs Baptist Church is sending church

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