www.preachintime.com - Site of Evangelist Duane Moore

www.nlbculpeper.com - Site of New Life Baptist Church in Culpeper, VA. The pastor there is Bro. Rick Simpson.

www.deanmcneese.com - Site of Evangelist Dean McNeese

www.middletennesseebaptist.org - Site of Middle Tennessee Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN. The pastor there is Bro. Tony Hutson

www.newmannabaptist.com - Site of New Manna Baptist Church in Marion, NC. The pastor there is Bro. Tony Shirley.

www.faithbaptistcamp.org - Site of Faith Baptist Camp, Dr. Sammy Allen Moderator

missionamerica.us - Site of Missiona America, Bro. Van White -- a ministry of helps.

Grace Living Today - Site of Grace Living Today, ministry of Evangelist Rich Fulton.